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 ERCSG 2024 ! 

Attendees from across Europe gathered at High Leigh Conference 

for three days of renal cell science

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Our Mission

To improve the understanding of renal pathology;

To  improve the treatment of renal disease;

To improve the care of renal patients; 

To train & stimulate scientific, nursing & medical staff.



The South West Thames Institute for Renal Research (SWTIRR) is unique.  One of only three independent renal research institutes in the country, it is the only one with an executive of patients and their families. This means that SWTIRR puts patients and their concerns in front of government targets or Research Council priorities.

We bring together doctors, nurses and scientists under one roof in a purpose built facility adjacent to one of the largest and most dynamic renal units in the South East of England.

SWTIRR celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018, marked by a reception at the House of Lords hosted by Lord Rogers of Riverside and a symposium at The University of Surrey. The symposium celebrated the past but focussed on the future.


Speakers from SWTIRR were joined by three leaders in their respective areas of renal research, Professors Richard Coward, Adrian Woolf and Lui Forni. 

Now in our 25th year, we look to the future!

Two particular themes of renal research have defined much of the work carried out at SWTIRR over the years; mechanism of diabetic renal disease and new biomarkers for improved diagnostics.  This has not been to the exclusion of all other work.  Innovative ideas in renal nursing research brought Nicola Thomas to the Institute to do her doctorate; Nicki is now Professor of Renal Care at South Bank University and Barts & the London. Caroline Lawson was a young renal dietician with curiosity and ambition when she embarked on an MSc which led to her research at SWTIRR producing her landmark paper on Nutritional Screening in Renal Patients.

SWTIRR has also provided a centre for research for other departments in Epsom & St. Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust and has hosted research registrars from immunology, pathology and urology.

However the expertise is strongest in biomarkers and renal cellular biology. For information about our current research please click here or navigate to the Research tab.

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